Frequently Asked Questions about doorbell camera

Turn your doorbell into a home security system

Key features of doorbell camera


Power using PoE or existing doorbell power

AI Motion sensor

Intruder alerts with photo

Works with Security products(ONVIF® compatible)

Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet doorbell camera

No Monthly Fees

Easy DIY Setup and install

Small footprint 50mm x 135mm x 30mm [w x h x d]

Infrared LEDs provides clear visuals at night

Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Local recordings to protect privacy

Cloud recording is available too

Outdoor use certified

Frequently Asked Questions about doorbell camera

No monthly subscription. We believe in freedom – there is no monthly fees to record, view or monitor doorbell camera footage.

Yes, dbell camera has optional wedge for easy custom install. You can flip the wedge to make it a left angle wedge or right angle wedge.

Yes, you can record live streaming to the PC, NVR, FTP/Cloud

Yes, dbell doorbell camera easily integrates with ONVIF® compatible security products like NVR, IP camera etc.

Yes, you can add as many dbell doorbell camera as you like around your property. dbell

Yes, dbell doorbell camera has RJ45 Ethernet port to connect to your Network.

When a movement is detected, our device verify if it is an object or a human. If it detects a human it will notify you right away.

Yes, you can see the live stream video of the dbell doorbell camera anytime you wish.

dbell doorbell camera works on most iOS and Android devices, ONVIF compatible device and RTSP players

Depending on your Network bandwidth. Few users can simultenously connect without any issues. If you want to connect 100 users at the same time, your Network may not support that.

Yes, dbell doorbell camera is water proof.

Yes, we do provide after sales support. We have online Knowledge Base which can be accessed anytime. You can ask for support by creating a support ticket . You can contact us directly by sending email to

Frequently Asked Questions about doorbell camera

Turn your doorbell into a home security system