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dbell™ HD Live Video Doorbell

dbell™ is your extra eye on the door. With dbell™, you’re always connected with your home and visitors.

This device contains a 160° wide angle HD video camera with Mic and multiple sensors to help keep you, your family, and your home safe.

The ultimate video doorbell solution.

dbell™ HD live combines the most desired features of a video doorbell and a home security systems. It instantly alerts you when the doorbell is rung or when motion or sound is detected.

dbell™ HD live enables you to see and interact with visitors from anywhere. It is the only video doorbell that puts you in control with the ability to schedule recording, save footage to your NVR, HDD and view your property on demand at any time without a smartphone. There are no monthly fees to view your own footage!

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The dbell™ team have decades of experience designing, engineering, installing and servicing Custom Home Automation Systems. dbell™ HD Live was created out of their desire to make a high quality home security solution that was accessible and affordable for everyone. They have successfully realized this desire with a convenient and affordable solution that enables you to protect your family and your property.

Easy Setup

dbell™ HD Live Early Bird Package Unboxing



Bring High Technology Home

See Visitors in HD

With a wide angle view, crisp clear image, dbell is your sentry at the door.


Motion and Audio Sensors

With dbell you are in control of your security experience.

  • Interact with visitors or intruders instantly – dbell is your extra eye on the door, with dbell, you’re always connected with your home and visitors.
  • Check in and view your property.
  • You choose whether you wish to view on your smartphone, tablet, PC program, Browsers or all four simultaneously.


Stay Safe From Unwanted Visitors

At complete darkness dbell HD live night vision can see up to 15′ ft away.

Now you’ll know where that dent in your package came from

Anywhere, Anytime

Instant Alerts

When a visitor arrives you will be alerted instantly if your motion alarm is on via i) the dbell™ app on your smartphone and tablet ii) a snapshot taken by dbell™ is saved on your smartphone or tablet’s visitors log with date/time stamp iii) an email with visitor’s photo iv) a 30 second recording clip of the visitors. If there is someone outside your door you will know about it, regardless of whether they want you to or not.


Access From Any Device

dbell™ HD live puts you in control with the freedom to be alerted and to view visitors from multiple smartphones and tablets simultaneously. Your data roaming is off? Not to worry! Seamlessly access live views from PC client or IE®, Firefox® and Chrome® Browsers. Talk to them and record in HD!


View on Demand and Record

Wondering what is going on outside your home or business? View your property on-demand and record and store the footage at no additional charge.


Speak With Visitors

You can speak to visitors from wherever you are. At work when the delivery person arrives with an important package? Talk to them about where to leave it.

See someone suspicious outside? Let them know that police are on the way.


Security Integration

Easy Integration with Leading Security Systems
and Smart Home Automation


dbell™ WiFi Extender/Repeater Indoorbell

dbell Wi-Fi Extender Indoor bell with volume control and ringtone selection. Output Power (Max): 50mW(17dBm), Receiver Sensitivity (Max): -96dBm
Frequency: 2.4GHz


dbell™ Wireless Premium Indoor bell


dbell™ Wireless Push Button

dbell™ Wireless Push Button can be installed on the back door, side door or any other door you may have where a video doorbell may not be necessary. It works with the dbell™ indoor bell. It comes with 2 sided 3-M adhesive outdoor rated tape and screw option. It is battery powered and comes with battery.


Easy Install

Watch how easy it is to install dbell HD Live! 

dbell HD live – Onetouch app setup

How dbell™ HD Live replaces existing doorbell

How dbell™ HD Live connects without existing doorbell

Technical Specifications

Technical Details


Camera Viewing Angle

The HD Camera with 160° wide angle with night vision gives you a crystal clear view of your visitors on your smartphone, tablet, or PC 24/7.

Easy Ethernet Installation

Easy WiFi Installation

Specification Comparison

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The Making of dbell™ HD Live

dbell HD live PCB

dbell HD Live Tooling

dbell HD live packaging

What’s in the box

What customers are saying
about our first generation dbell™

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