Answering the door
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Answering the door

Answering the door at night not knowing who is on the other side is scary, especially when I am alone – Barbara from Alberta, Canada mentioned this to us via an email. With X4, Know who is on the other side before opening the door.

X4 is a modern day doorbell camera which allows answering the door from your Smartphone. Literally from anywhere in the world.

The really amazing part is that X4 is equipped with a camera, microphone, speaker, motion sensor, night vision, wired and wireless networking and two-way talk functionality. So answering the door is like you are virtually attending the door.

Here is what one of our customer Barbara said to us on May 19, 2015:
“I have now had the dbell for a week and really like it. As with any new product, it does have some glitches but nothing that makes it not worth the price! I love being able to see someone at my door and being able to communicate with them without actually opening the door (especially at night when I am alone).”

Since we heard Barbara, we kept working hard to improve our product – x4 is our 6th Generation doorbell camera.

  • Date December 10, 2014
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