Know who is on the other side before opening the door

Know who is on the other side before opening the door

Answering the door at night not knowing who is on the other side is scary, especially when I am alone – Barbara from Alberta mention this to us in an email.

You probably aware of the enormous range of new products designed to make your home life easier, smarter and better.

Right from the freedom afforded by wireless home phones to the point now where you don’t even need a home phone, the world has become one of ever  greater electronic convenience.

Certainly the internet and Wi-Fi have been the catalyst to propel these new technologies but if every new development that is truly worthwhile there are thousands of gadgets and gizmos that seem to complicate life more than they benefit it.  Whether they are too complicated to use or simply don’t live up to the glorious promises of the vendors, it’s sometime difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule when a product comes out that truly offers the comfort, ease of use and convenience that consumers are searching for.

One such product is called simply dbell, a modern day Wi-Fi doorbell which allows you to answer your door from your Smartphone, literally from anywhere in the world.

The really amazing part is that dbell is equipped with a camera, microphone, speaker, motion sensor, night vision, wired and wireless networking and two-way talk functionality.

It is the only device that offers the comfort, peace of mind and ease of use that customers want in a home enhancement communication product.

Here is how the device works: When a visitor presses the call button on dbell Wi-Fi video doorbell, a familiar chime will ring in your home and your Smartphone will also ring or receive an alert that somebody is at the door. If you answer the alert/ring, dbell will send a live audio and video feed to the Smartphone or tablet from the Wi-Fi doorbell.

You will be able to see, hear and talk to the visitor at your door. No matter where you are, you can answer your door from your smartphone and dbell Wi-Fi doorbell makes it easy for you to interact in real time, without physically allowing entry.

Even if your app is not running on your smartphone, you will still get an instant alert of your doorbell ringing. Even if your mobile is in sleep mode, yet you will still get an alert  and enjoy the convenience of remote contact night or day.

Here is what one customer had to say:

By Barbara on May 19 2015

“I have now had the dbell for a week and really like it. As with any new product, it does have some glitches but nothing that makes it not worth the price! I love being able to see someone at my door and being able to communicate with them without actually opening the door (especially at night when I am alone).”

That’s not the only benefit she enjoyed.  Simplicity, customer service and satisfaction are paramount.

“This was pretty easy to install with help from dbell. Works great with my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini. My house faces west and therefore the person at the door is backlit and there are times I only have a shadow, but I can still find out who is there with the voice communication. The night vision is good.”

“Dealing with dbell was easy, informative and speedy. My questions were answered quickly before and after purchase, shipping was almost immediate and I would not hesitate to buy from them again.”

In a society inundated with new technologies it’s gratifying to discover one that is simple, comforting and definitely provides the peace of mind consumers will benefit from.