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Wireless doorbell


Wireless doorbell has 50 different built-in ringtones, working status lights and adjustable volume control. Wireless doorbell has two components. One is plug-in indoor receiver and other unit is outdoor doorbell button. They communicate using 433Mhz RF signal.

The indoor receiver unit is a AC plug-in device. AC plug works in America, UK and EU. AC 110V to AC220V 50Hz/60Hz

The outdoor doorbell call button unit is battery powered. It is waterproof with IP44/IP55 ratings. It can be safely mounted outside. It has long lasting battery life. It works in hot and cold, rain or snow or in tough weather.

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Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell is affordable, easy less than 5 minutes to install. No maintenance is necessary. It is waterproof. It has a wide variety of options that makes it a great wireless doorbell for any home decor.

Wireless doorbell with selectable ringtones

Wireless doorbell has 50 different built-in ringtones, working status lights and adjustable volume controls.

The outdoor push button unit is waterproof, so you can safely mount it outside, and it comes with one plug-in receiver that you can place throughout your home. The receivers have an impressive wireless range of 600 feet or 200m, so you can truly put them anywhere.

wireless indoor bell Wireless Outdoor Bell
Power supply AC 110V to AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 12v Alkaline Battery
Wireless Range Max 1000ft/300m in open air Max 1000ft/300m in open air
RF Frequency 433Mhz 433Mhz
Volume level in dB 110dB Max.
Number of ringtones 50
Expandable capacity 4 4
Power consumption Less than 0.3Watt Less than 10mW
Waterproofing Indoor use IP44/IP55
Working temperature -20°C to +50◦C -20C° to +50◦C

Wireless doorbell works with multiple receivers. For example, you can have one indoorbell in the Basement, one in the main floor and one in the upper floor. All of them will work using one outdoorbell.Wireless doorbell is true plug & play device. Install outdoor push button using supplied adhesive tape and plug-in the indoorbell to an outlet. That’s it, you are all done! Wireless outdoor push button also comes with the battery.

You can also have different ringtones for different doors. For example, front doorbell can trigger one set of ringtones and back doorbell can trigger a different set of ringtones to allow identification of the visitors location.

Easy to use wireless doorbell

This wireless doorbell works wonderfully. Thanks to its long range and 2-minutes setup capability. Use it in apartment buildings, home or office. The ability to choose your chime sound and volume level is a big plus.

How to pair outdoor transmitter with indoor receiver, read step by step

Power indoor receiver and outdoorbell placing them close to each other for pairing. After pairing is successful when you disconnect indoorbell from power outlet, pairing remains.

1. Select your favorite ringtones by pressing the Music button.
2. Press and hold volume button until you hear a sound and LED light starts flashing – release the button
3.Press dbell call button quickly while chime is in setup mode

Pairing time is limited to 5 seconds only to avoid interference with other similar 433Mhz devices, like garage door.
Press ‘call’ button to test. If indoorbell is paired, it will ring. Once paired you can move it to your desired location.

See video on how to pair a receiver unit [indoorbell unit] with the transmitter unit [outdoor doorbell call button unit] or how to change ringetones

Some of the Built-in ringtones are:

Ding Dong
Whitter Chimes
Beethovens 5th
Jingle Bells
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
Butler Answers Door
Bell, then Dog Bark
Take Me out to the Ballgame
Jazzy Music
Siren, Police Arriving

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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