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dbell HD live
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by Richard on dbell HD live
DBell HD Live

I reviewed doorbell camera solutions for our home. Since we currently experiencing minus 20-degree Celsius temperatures, I needed to make sure that I purchased one designed to work at low Canadian temperatures. The DBell HD Live specifications show that it will operate at minus 40 degrees Celsius.

I was concerned when I read through some of the negative reviews, so I called DBell Support. To my surprise, someone answered. There was no long list of menu choices that often leave you with a dial tone.

I did ask him for his comments regarding the negative reviews. He assured me that DBell Support will do everything they can to rectify any concern(s). That includes a full refund within 30 days or a replacement within the first year. He said that of 4,000 units sold, about 50 had comeback. That is about 1.25% which does not seem unreasonable to me. Considering that the DBell is a Canadian company, I ordered two DBell HD Live doorbell cameras. They arrived within a week.

I have one running and I need to have an electrician do some wiring so I can install the second one.

I am very happy to say that DBell say what they will do and they do as they say. I have called Support a few times in consideration of mistakes I made with the configuration during set up. The individuals I spoke with were patient, congenial and knowledgeable. Yes, they do as they say. They answer the telephone and they are able to help.

The camera quality is great. The power options are great. I sat at my kitchen table using the included AC adapter to power the DBell while I set it up on my mobile phone. The fact that I will be able to connect the other DBell directly to a doorbell transformer will make it a relatively easy installation.

I am not a technical person. Yet, I can view my entrance from my mobile phone, my wife’s mobile phone, my iPad or my desktop computer.

At this time based on my experience, I definitely recommend the DBell HD Live for a doorbell camera solution.

by yuvy on dbell HD live


by Brad Pearse on dbell HD live
The new Dbell live is a fantastic product !

The new Dbell live is a fantastic product ! Before I go any further I cannot stress enough that there is a massive difference between the greatly improved live HD model and the previous one . I urge any shopper who has read any negative reviews to consider this as this company has made many great improvements to make this latest HDlive Dbell live up and surpass my expectations .

Being a sole business owner , it was the perfect solution to be to have this camera at my shop while I’m not at my shop if needing to be on the road on a call or just having a slow day and wanting to be “open” without being there.

This camera has made me hundreds and no doubt in time thousands of dollars in what would have been lost revenue because while at one location, my smart phone would alert me in a speedy time to the point the customer hasn’t even got out of thier car yet to approach my business door whee I am now engaged and ready to sell and book them to save the sale because I can now be “cyberly” at my shop 24/7 .

Simply hanging a sign on your door does not quarantee customers will phone a cell number to reach you HOWEVER , keeping your sign turned to “open ” even when your not there gets a customer out of thier car to approach the door where they are greeted by yourself before they even had a choice to push the dbell button to call you. This is huge. You’ve greeted the customer before they even put their hand on the door handle which means a saved potential customer .

Thankyou Dbell for allowing a sole owner finally be able to be at 2 or 3 places at once.

Keep up the great work and customer service with your latest model theHD live!

by John Jayachandran on dbell HD live
One of best in the market

I have tried video doorbells from several different companies, including the Dbell, in the past, but Dbell HD Live turns out to be one of best in the market. It is very easy to install, it took me just about 20 minutes. The videos are crystal clear in almost all conditions (day and night). It has been almost a month now, I had no problems with the camera or the application software. However, I do strongly recommend upgrading the doorbell transformer to 20VA-24v (Wired Door Chime Transformer Heath Zenith from the Home Depot) before you install this door bell for a reliable performance. Above all the price is right!

by Steve Palmer on dbell HD live
Best video doorbell for Pro installer

I recommend this company and product highly. My wife just gave birth to our second child and is now at home with my newborn and 2 year old full-time. I wanted a way for her to be able to securely view people coming to the door without having to approach the door or open it. After researching a number of similar products on the market, I decided the dbell fit the bill perfectly since it had the features I wanted at a lower price than the other products. After getting it installed, I was happy that it lived up to my rather high expectations. The installation was simple, the quality of the image from the camera is excellent and I now feel at ease knowing my family is well protected in our home. I would highly recommend this product to anyone else in a similar situation or for anyone looking for some added security at home. Thanks dbell!

by John Ong on dbell HD live
Good product, customer service is reliable

My wife is now a happier person. She now can decide whether to answer the door just by viewing her Ipad when the doorbell rings. For me, I am happy that I am able to view and speak to the person at the door when I am away. Very cool. Among other great product properties of dbell, I like the Camera’s wide angle the most. I got my son (6 feet tall) to test the door bell, we have a clear view of him from the head down to almost the waist. I can see when the postman delivers when I am away at the office or away on holidays. Another good thing is that I can also if the mails do pile up and get the neighbor to keep them safely till I return. Customer service is reliable. I need not say much, but I will certainly recommend dbell to anyone looking to purchase this product.

by Duncan Morrison on dbell HD live

A GREAT PRODUCT and EXCELLENT SERVICE !!!I have been using my dBell unit for over a month now, and it is GREAT. More importantly, the service that I received from dBell Team has been absolutely EXCELLENT!. The patience that they had for me should go into the record books. Thank you so much for an AWESOME PRODUCT and the UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE!!! I would recommend this product, and this company, without any reservations at all!!