Tech Support

You can get support in five (5) different ways from dbell

  1. Review our Knowledge base at
  2. You can create a support ticket at
  3. You can send us an email with your Order Number to
  4. You can call our Toll Free Number 1-800-944-8218
  5. You can make an appointment and visit our Service centre

If you have any installation issues or App issues, please visit knowledge base. If the answer is not in our knowledge base, please create a support ticket before giving us a call.

By submitting this Tech Support Request form to, I hereby authorize dbell technician to remotely access my Wi-Fi video doorbell for troubleshooting purposes only.

I will create a sub-user for dbell to access my Wi-Fi video doorbell. Once I am notified the troubleshooting is completed, I will ‘Remove’ the sub-user from my Wi-Fi video doorbell.


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Steps to Create a sub-user:
1.Open the doorbell app in your Smartphone
2.Go to app settings, TAP > White list
3.On the Top right corner of the White list settings TAP ‘Add’
4.Enter user name [dbell-tech] without the braces
5.Enter your order number as password. If the order number is 4 digit, enter twice, otherwise enter first 8 digit from your order number
6.Press ‘Done’


Steps to Delete a sub-user:
1.Open the doorbell app in your Smartphone
2.Go to app settings, TAP > White list
3.On the bottom of the White list settings where it shows dbell-tech – press ‘Delete’
4.Tap <Back
5.Tap <Back