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John collects a lot of frequent flyer miles from his trips. When he is travelling his wife is home alone. He wanted something for his wife to feel secure, especially opening the door at night not knowing who is at the other side. John was also looking for something which has no recurring cost, no monthly bills to pay!

After doing due diligence and proper research he decided to give dbell a try. He ordered dbell from eBay. After few weeks of usage, John shared with us his experience with debll:

My wife is now a happier person. She now can decide whether to answer the door just by viewing her iPad when the doorbell rings. For me, I am happy that I am able to view and speak to the person at the door when I am away as I travel frequently. Very cool.
Among other great product properties of dbell, I like the Camera’s wide angle the most. I got my son (6 feet tall) to test the door bell, we have a clear view of him from the head down to almost the waist.

I can see when the postman delivers when I am away at the office or away on holidays. Another good thing is that I can also see if the mails do pile up and get the neighbor to keep them safely till I return.