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We sincerely thank you for your thought of Buying dbell™ smart Wi-Fi video doorbell, one of the smartest Gadget out there. We would love it if you buy the product, we would love it more if it becomes a great experience. Therefore, we thought it might help if you please consider the following key points prior to your purchase:

What kind of doorbell currently do you have?
Is your existing doorbell just a small face plate without any wires?

Then it is a Wireless doorbell, Wireless doorbell aren’t capable of providing any power to your new doorbell.


If you purchase a dbell, you will receive an AC/DC adapter in the package to supply power to the dbell. No need to purchase AC/DC adapter.

Is your existing doorbell operational?
If your existing doorbell is operational, then it is easy to replace the existing doorbell with dbell.

If your existing doorbell is not operational, you may have to purchase a doorbell transformer from your nearest Home improvement store.

Or you may use the supplied AC adapter.

Is your Wi-Fi signal strength strong enough to reach your front door?
To check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the doorbell location all you have to do is, take your iOS® or Android® smart device to the location where you are planning to install the new doorbell. If your Wi-Fi signal bar disappears from your Smartphone or Tablet – that means your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough.

How do you go around it?
Please consider purchasing a Wi-Fi signal booster or repeater.

We would be delighted if you buy our Wi-Fi smart video doorbell, but we will be more delighted if you have a fun and enjoyable experience doing it. Let’s work together to bring the future on your doorstep.

We encourage your thoughts and input on a fun install experience.