dbell features

The best doorbell for your bucks
dbell™ Wi-Fi Smart video doorbell allows you to answer your door from anywhere.
When answered from Tablet or Smartphone, you will see the visitor, you will hear them and they will hear you.
Easy Installation & Setup

dbell is easy to install & Setup

Designed for Canadian Weather

Designed for harsh Weather, -40°C ~ +70°C (-41.8°F ~ +158°F)

Easily replace existing doorbell

Easily replace existing doorbell with dbell. Connect two power cables of your existing doorbell to dbell and connect to your Router wireless.

Remote access

Easily access dbell remotely from anywhere using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE from your smartphone or Tablet

Wi-Fi and Wired Network Connectivity

Wi-Fi and Wired Network Connectivity. LAN adapter is included.

Top Notch Support Service

Best customer support in the industry, We will do all we can to see that you continue to be satisfied with your purchase.

Undetectable Night vision

Undetectable Night vision to view the outdoor in complete darkness, 0 lux. View the door area without letting the intruder know it.

Motion sensor

Motion sensor to alert you when you need the most – no one at home and intruder at your door. Capture photo and Record video of intruders activity.


dbell is waterproof with IP65 rating. Only video doorbell with -40°C to +70° C temperature rating

Easy to power

You can connect dbell with your existing doorbell power supply. If your existing doorbell doesn’t have power, you can provide power using 5V 2A  AC/DC adapter.

Work across all major platforms

dbell Wi-Fi smart video doorbell works across all major platforms : iOS®, Android®, Select Blackberry® and Microsoft® IE Browser

Access doorbell camera anytime

Access doorbell camera anytime from anywhere

Two-way audio

dbell is equipped with Mic and speaker. Capable of two-way audio. You don’t need to push doorbell button to talk.

Record video

Easily Record video to your smart device. No service charge.

Wide-Angle Lens

Wide-Angle Lens.  Focal Length 2.5mm, Aperture F2.5, Viewing Angle 135°

Capture Photo

dbell automatically takes a snapshot of the visitor whenever the call button is pressed or motion is triggered. Also you can take photo from dbell app anytime.

Visitors log

View the visitor’s log to see who came to your door when you were not at home and unable to answer the door.

Multiple user, 5 user’s concurrent access

Multiple user, 5 user’s concurrent access. Two level user access, Admin and user.

Electronic door lock control

Open the doorbell remotely for the plumber, electrician or for your guest. With dbell you are always in your home. This feature is coming soon.

Complete mounting kit

dbell comes with complete mounting kit. One low profile mount, one rain hood mount, all the required accessories, screws, crimp, plug etc. all included in your dbell package. Everything is included, you don’t need to purchase any accessory separately.

AC plugin Indoor chime

AC Plugin indoor chime with 52 ringtones, 25-85db adjustable volume, 100m barrier free access.

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution HD 720p, 1280 x 720


Simple user Interface

Easy to use Simple user Interface. Just swipe your finger to accept or reject a call.

No monthly fees

Affordable convenience. dbell Wi-Fi Smart video doorbell is only one time purchase cost, No Monthly Fees, No Service Charge

No contract to sign

No contract to sign, one time purchase price only. View, Record, Snap – all within your reach.

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