x4 camera doorbell
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x4 camera doorbell

What separate x4 camera doorbell from the others?

All most all of the video doorbell’s in the market has recurring monthly fees. They collect extensive data violating your privacy. Your privacy is compromised in multiple ways.

If your privacy and security is compromised to enable security for your loved ones – what’s the point? Why do you have to give up your privacy to enable security?

x4 camera doorbell is built for the future based on our past.

When you own a x4, there is No contracts to sign, No monthly fees to pay. Once you have your x4, you are all set. Store x4 camera footage in your NVR in your own privacy.

We believe everyone has the right to protect their privacy. X4 helps protect your privacy.

  • Date April 9, 2022
  • Tags Doorbell camera, Night Vision