The all new...

x4 doorbell camera


All new x4 Doorbell Camera is a pro grade video doorbell with luxury redefined.

Whether you want to connect x4 video doorbell camera to security NVR or NAS drive for 24/7 recording in your own privacy or simply use it with your smartphone app – it provides benefits for the both worlds – pro use or general use.

Even when your internet is down x4 video doorbell camera will work without internet connection inside your home. It will also ring your indoor chime.

Release Date:  2023 – exact date TBD


All new X4 doorbell camera

x4 doorbell camera is created as a result of our experience in the high end security and home automation industry.  Wealthy clients and homeowners use professional installers who install commercial grade equipment.  This level of equipment ensures reliability, extreme durability and a lot of features that give the homeowner full control and access to their home security and automation capabilities.  This level of equipment is also beyond the affordability of the average homeowner as well as not being available at typical or common retail outlets.

As homeowners and parents ourselves we felt this level of professional equipment should be accessible to the average homeowner for their own peace of mind. Thus x4 is born.

We started with a doorbell camera as our first major product since we felt it had the widest application.  Front door, side walkway, backyard or even any commercial space indoors or outdoors, it has many uses.  Mounted outside, it can withstand constant downpours and freezing temperatures.

Imagine owning a home full of valuables nestled on a picturesque golf course.  Then imagine going to the grocery store for a few hours and leaving the back door open.  Gah!!   Essentially, this is a thief’s ticket for entry.  Then imagine x4 working for you keeping an eye to your valuables.

We are over the moon excited with the level of security x4 provides to every owner as well as the ease of use.

x4 has Open Source App. Learn more

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